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As a division of Atlanta based Aviant Technologies, SSL Authority is a multi-brand wholesaler of SSL Digital Certificates, Digital Signing Services, Online Identity Verification, and other PKI related products. Offering convenient and affordable products from the Internet's most popular Certificate Authorities, SSL Authority is a one-stop shop for SSL digital certificate products with the industry's most knowledgeable, responsive, and experienced customer support.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously here at SSLAuthority. We are committed to protecting your information when it comes to buying certificates on our website. The information we collect is solely for the business intended use of purchasing SSL certificates directly from GeoTrust, Inc. We will never sell personal identifiable information we collect to any third party for any reason at all. All Information that is collected and maintained on our systems is securely protected, using industry wide standard security measures. All registered trademarks are the property of each organization.

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