GeoTrust SSL Pricing

Buy & renew our ssl certificates up to 3 years.

Why GeoTrust UCC/SAN?

GeoTrust UCC/SAN Certificate secures 5 domains with the option to secure up to 25 total SSL enabled websites/systems. Including the common name, this product will secure 5 FDQN (fully qualified domain name) with the flexibility to add up to 25 FDQN (fully qualified domain name). Using the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field in a UC Certificate allows you to host multiple SSL-enabled websites with a single certificate. GeoTrust delivers a easy solution to a complicated problem. The UCC Certificate allows system administrators to manage multiple systems with one SSL certificate via the Subject Alternate Name (SAN). This eliminates the need to manage seperate SSL certificate for every FDQN eliminating the need for different IP addresses per website that would be required otherwise and lowering your total cost of ownership!

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